VIVO IPL 2018: Kaun Jeetego? | Who’ll win the battle of the #BestVsBest?

IPL 2018

The wait is finally over! The much anticipated #VIVOIPL 2018 anthem is here, announce the face-off of the #BestvsBest! Is khel ka yaaron kya kehna!

In a unique partnership, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Star India collaborated to create this year’s anthem – titled ‘Best vs Best’. Beginning with its iconic trumpet, the promotional video progresses seamlessly, maintaining the sanctity of IPL which takes immense pride in pitting the best in T20 cricket against each other. And, the music is just icing on the cake.


IPL has completed eight seasons as of now and has grabbed lot of attention for the viewers. It was designed to attract a new generation of sports fans on the grounds throughout the world. It has come to be a crispier format, which became a hit in all class of the people, who watch T-20 matches with their families in the evening. It is a platform where the players demonstrate their flare in the ground. The gangplank competes with the best players from around the world. They get much needed exposure at International level. Its aim is to improve bonding and team spirit. Another purpose is of course entertainment for people and it provides the opportunity to young players of India. The team, with the experience, gets to know how to handle the pressure in crunch situation. It develops captaining skills, which comes handy in the carrier of the players on regular basis. For the promotion of the same, a new video with a famous campaign #bestvsbest is launched. The video is emphasizing that eminent and diligent players will come to play with and the team whose performance will be excellent is going to win. So the competition level is going to be very high.

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