#HaathiMatPalo : Bajaj Mocks Royal Enfield in Dominar 400 Ad

Bajaj Dominar

Love to ride is all about feeling the sensation of being out in tha open air, far away from all the distractions of life.  People find bike amazing for being a Macho. Further the weather is no more an obstruction for bike lovers, their passion is keep on truckin. Bajaj has been creating milestones throughout its journey. Especially when it comes to the field of automobile sector.


Bajaj Dominar is Back with “Haathi Mat Palo” #ad1

Recently, Bajaj has launched a new bike, Dominar 400cc. For its promotions, it has come up with three videos with a now famous campaign #HaathiIMatPalo. The first video is showing the braking abilities of Bajaj Dominar which stops quickly downhill near a pond. It’s giving us a smooth ride even if the road is rough. It’s high time when everyone wants to cheer up in their own way. They don’t mind to move on it even if it’s a long distance ride. They take it easy to make fun and lively. The brand is going to give us more so that the excitement and passion of bike wooers is endured.


Bajaj Dominar is Back with “Haathi Mat Palo” #ad2

The list of crazy bike lovers is no more confined to a batch of persons. It includes women, famous people, celebrities who all are fond of riding the bikes like anything. It has become a badge of personality now days. It portrays your actions. Many celebrities were caught riding the bikes on the roads. We can say it’s an overpowering love of the people for the bikes. Bajaj Dominar has released one more video of its famous campaign #Hathimatpalo and again there it has come up with one more issue that is related to cold start which the Dominar taking it too easy to handle. The brand is aimed at fully satisfaction if the customers.


Bajaj Dominar is Back with “Haathi Mat Palo” #ad3

Here we have something again for the bike riders; Bajaj Dominar has launched a new video again with famous campaign #Hathimatpalo. In the video, it is shown Dominar bajaj bike take the ride uphill effortlessly in the mountain area. For those who love outdoors, a bike ride is just a perfect correlation with that. People love to enjoy natural beauty via their ride on their own bike. They are keen to travel with the friends as it doubles the fun and joy. Hilly areas are no more hurdles in their way. Moreover when the bikes are equipped with all features needed what else we want. People just want to get disappeared with their bike to go far away from the rushy and busy items. They want to feel the bliss by this way which has become difficult these days. Bike lovers continue to wait for more advance features, techniques which the Brand has promised for.


You never know how strong you can be until a curve in the road throws you into uncharted territory. Take a deep breath and ride it out.

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