Prega News: Making The World #YOURSECONDHOME

Prega News

Prega News has just launched a campaign #YourSecondHome targeting to corporate sector on the occasion of Women’s Day. The brand rolled out campaign by focusing on ‘Your Second Home’ targeting offices. Brand had given the tribute to all the mothers who want to continue work during their pregnancies. According to the companies, since these women end up spending the maximum time in offices, therefore, the duty of making them comfortable is the concern of their workplaces.

Prega news takes the initiative to support women suffering from postpartum depression. Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a condition that is associated with childbirth. Studies suggest that postpartum depression can start any time during the first year of having a baby. Postpartum Depression is a harsh reality of present scenario. We should extend our support to all the mothers who are going with this phase and help them to create a home, outside their home #YourSecondHome.

Thanks to @PregaNews for taking this step towards the mothers who is struggling from Postpartum Depression. It is necessary for everyone around mothers to be supportive and helpful in times of need.

Let’s join hands together on this Women’s Day for the cause of women suffering from Postpartum Depression.

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