An All Out Ad Stand By Mom’s Tough Parenting Decisions

Stand By Tough Mom

All Out released a new ad campaign directed by Shoojit Sircar. This ad showcases the importance of #StandByToughMoms by carrying out conversations around the need to strengthen the affiance and sureness in a mother’s decisions. It also tells us about the importance of supporting mothers who make tough parenting decisions.

In this ad campaign, Shoojit captured the reality of a mother’s life by showing the challenges which they often face. It’s time after all, each and every mother always tries to do what is best for their child and we must stand by her in everything that she does without judgments or any doubt.  It’s the right time. Let’s come together and stand by mothers and believed in each and every decision.

The brand rolled out the ad by showing a big family having dinner and facing a situation which raises parenting questions of a mother when she scold her son on stealing ten rupee note from her wallet without asking her permission. Everyone criticizes mom’s decision of scolding her son but the oldest family member (may be of a boy) grandfather takes a stand. He says whatever she is doing today is absolutely right. When you see a mother being tough, stand by her because when you stand by a tough mom then you help her protect the next generation.

The ad beautifully points out towards the #standbytoughmoms by the brand. This will increase awareness and garner support for parents. Everyday parents have to make tough decisions for the betterment of their children’s future. We can completely relate to the situation shown in our day to day life. We must initiate conversations within families for raising the happy and healthy children.

Thanks to All OUT – It’s Good To Be Tough

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