First Ever Drinkable Ad: Look Delicious | Sound Delicious | Taste Delicious

Coke Zero Drinkable Ad

Yes you hear it right Coca Cola is taking advertising to the next level by promoting Coke Zero with a first ever drinkable ad! It’s not about the look, nor the sound, but the taste that is promoted on its latest campaign, creating a “drinkable billboard”! Coca-Cola created an entire campaign with Ogilvy & Mather so that you can have the feeling of drink, whether it’s on billboard, on tv, printed, or even on radio!

The main idea of the campaign is to make more people to try Coke Zero for that they built a 26-by-36-foot drinkable billboard that serves the drink to thousands of fans. This is the third year Coke Zero has partnered with College Game Day. As it is an amazingly powerful passion point for many of our target consumers. Also, partnering with Game Day in such an innovative way will not only garner the trials but will also help us to establish a very positive brand payment. Ultimately they become successful to pour Coke Zero to a wide audience all over the country, creating the first “drinkable commercial” ad.

Coca-Cola had created the illusion that makes you feel like tasting the advertising campaign and that’s why they collaborated with Shazam. There will be a “sip-off” in which fans from opposing teams can try and drink a virtual Coke Zero before the other fan using a microphone on their smartphone which becomes a straw with more of the Coke Zero on the screen disappearing with each “sip.”

Those who are “open to try” the dainty and new zero-calorie taste of Coke Zero will have many ways to try Coke Zero. Earlier also, Coke Zero launched a campaign aimed at winning over consumers who had not yet tried the soft drink. The “You Don’t Know Zero Till You’ve Tried It” campaign runs on multiple broadcast spots, traditional media, digital retail and social media engagement to make aware people about Coke zero so that people who can’t drink till date can also taste it.

Coca-Cola is not only just a delicious brand but also a very passionate brand that meets consumer’s requirement where they are.


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